Let us... “play”: what do we remember about our education?



Meeting 25 dermatologists in six different regions in Italy (Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Campania)


Entertaining education, edutainment, with a totally new format, conceived by Feelfine in collaboration with young researchers from Tor Vergata University. The theme was: “The Dangerous Re(l)ations”. The agency proposed and created a “chemical” path to retrace the fundamentals of medical studies in six historical locations: Castello Orsini, Castelbrando, Montegridolfo, Boscareto Hotel e Raito Hotel. Creation of a “souvenir” DVD with all the events, study of the graphic design line, starting from the invitation until the preparations.

The Key Factor

Feelfine studied, in collaboration with young researchers from Tor Vergata University, chemical experiments, which were going to be put into practice in the meeting room, transformed into a “Ducray” laboratory. The guests were divided into two teams and learned to “share” their knowledge in chemistry to carry out the experiments. This is how they learned once more about all the chemical “reactions” of the individual active ingredients of the Ducray products.

The Result

Full customer satisfaction with the active participation of the learners who, with amazement and fun, grasped all aspects of the research carried out by the Company.


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