Online and Hybrid Events

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

Online and hybrid Events: A real tv direction endeavor, starting from the creation of the format to the 3D scenography design, where speakers and participants are actively involved and immersed in captivating environments, thanks to the technological research and programming of the platform created.

Case History: Henry Schein Krugg from Henry Schein Inc., distributor of sanitary equipment and dentistry equipment, selling in 32 Countries. Yearly convention, planned to happen in Milan at the end of February 2020 and canceled because of Covid.
The Parent Company (USA) and the European Board met the Italian Management Team, the HSK sales network and the International Sponsor Partners.
The format of the National Sales Meeting included 3 sessions in plenary and break-out, for the exclusive use of HSK on the 1st day, while on the 2nd day there were going to be meetings between the 14 sponsors and the 300 sales team in plenary and break-out, set up for updates and demos of dental and healthcare equipment.


The Client reconfirmed the format of the event in terms of duration but asked to increase the amount of meetings and related virtual spaces. This is the first virtual event of 2021 that involves 18 speakers, 4 of which in English with simultaneous interpreting, in connection with 300 participants from all Italian regions, lasting 2 days from 09.30 to 17.00, graphic and creative realization of the virtual “stands” for the exhibition part.


It is essential for the Client to involve the 300 virtual participants in a proactive manner, by considering the new method of communication for connections and interactions with the speakers. Finally, there is a need to create a personalized event platform with creative, engaging and “user friendly” graphics. The use of “social networks” as an organizational secretariat, as a means to involve and entertain the participants, was fundamental for team building and survey activities.

The Key Factor

Effectively combining 2 elements: creating engagement and empathy for interactive participation, together with designing and implementing a technical direction, totally remotely, which in a precise and timely manner managed more than 300 people, with different devices and internet connection bandwidth. Our interactive stands were made available to visit after the days of the event; the interaction with the virtual stands allows the visitors to listen to the recorded interventions of the speakers, find and record the material exhibited at the stands (pdf, video demo, brochures and more). In addition to the plenary sessions, there is an exhibition area with stands and scheduled meetings with the sales network teams, made up of approximately 300 people. The spaces that we prepared would have to host meetings for 2 days in 20 rooms between plenary and breakout sessions, gala dinner, performance shows and team building.

The Result

The Clients and the sponsors were extremely satisfied, as reported in some of the messages below: Thank you! Great job! My most heartfelt thanks to all the Feelfine team! Henry Schein Krugg, marketing Director See you next time, and congratulations for your organization… Honestly, I thought this virtual meeting would have turned out to be a “farce”, but… You organized it very well and made me change my mind! Congratulations, Bye and keep up the good work! Alessandro (Carestream Sponsor)


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